Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Helen Keaney is booted again on HSN

I always thought HSN had better video, but maybe that's just when you're watching live.
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Helen Keaney Video 1 - Click on PLAY VIDEO LINK

Helen Keaney Video 2 - Click on PLAY VIDEO LINK

Helen Keaney Video 3 - Click on PLAY VIDEO LINK



Elizabeth Ries has been GREAT this year but I have to say that Trend Expert Sara Rogers wins this Boot Battle!!!
Of course that is my opinion, since I like taller boots.  I know a lot of you guys like boots like Elizabeth's (and I like them too!) because you can see more leg.  What's great here is almost everybody gets something they really like.

Twin Cities Live Boot Battle Video Link

And can we agree that, so far this season, the Twin Cities are the television boots capital of the United States?  Alix Kendall has been great, Elizabeth has been great, Jamie Yuccas got off to a nice start and we've seen Belinda Jensen booted as well.  Hopefully some other areas of the country get going soon and we can have debates as to what city is the best for Boot Lovers!!

No BOOTS, But There Is HOPE In Denver

Remember last year when we found Melody Mendez in Denver and we found out she is cute and fun and energetic and also a boot lover? Then remember how late last year Fox 25 in Denver changed how they did interviews and started showing Melody ONLY from the waist up?  Do you remember how incredibly bummed out everyone was because the hopes of seeing Sweet Melody booted dwindled daily to the point where we wondered whether we'd ever see it again?
Well, NO PROMISES, but at least there's HOPE as Melody and guest were seated for an interview today.  Let's hope this is a permanent change and let's also hope a cold front comes through Denver real quick!

Guest Melanie Dunham shows up on Fox 7 Austin in some nice Black Leather Riding Boots

Of course I was searching for some Keri Bellacosa boot action but that will have to wait for another post. Melanie is the editor of Austin Family Magazine.

Our first trip to Nashville this season finds Kelly Sutton in black leather boots and tights



What Color are Erica Fox' Boots

Are they WHITE?
Are they YELLOW?
Are they BEIGE?


Alix Kendall in Brown Leather Boots and Tights

Alix is off to a very good boot start to the boot season, considering we're just half way through October and until this week, it's been mostly unseasonably warm in Minnesota.  I should try and count how many days she's been booted so far.....

Natalie Morales goes bare legged and brown suede booted

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