Monday, August 20, 2012

The ShoeTube.TV Girls LOVE Their Boots!!!

Chris Jansing was superb in suede

From early 2010

Black Suede Boot Battle with Meredith!!
courtesy the gorgeous newswomen network

Ricki Lake is returning to TV with a new talk show

Ricki's previous show was on from 1993-2004. 
It's been reported that the new show has been cleared in over 90% of the country,
with most of the major market commitments coming from Fox.
Obviously we've had good luck with local Fox stations, 
so hopefully that somehow transfers to this new show. 

The Chloe Tall Smooth-Strap Boots looks like they're worth every penny

These boots are listed at $1,195.00 on
The color is Vino.
Fashion-forward ankle and heel details give this tall leather Chloe boot a modern touch.
  • Pebbled leather.
  • Seamed heel detail and smooth leather ankle strap.
  • Round toe.
  • Leather sole.
  • 4" covered heel.
  • 15" calf circumference.
  • 16" high shaft.
  • Made in Italy.

It sure would be nice to see one of our favorite newswomen wearing these...

Something to look forward to this fall

Starting last year, most local Fox Sports cable channels 
signed local talented young ladies to be hostesses and 
goodwill ambassadors at games and events.
They also tape commercials to be used to promote 
upcoming programming on those stations.
As we found out last year,
One of the best spots was Minnesota, where Jenny and Paige
worked for Fox Sports North. 
Unfortunately Paige left to further pursue he education.
But that opened the door for two new 
to "fill her boots", so to speak.
Angie and Kaylin have joined Jenny this year.
They're both petite brunettes   Oh Darn!  ;+}
and I can hardly wait to see if they are Boot Lovers as well!!
You better believe, we'll keep you posted!

Find more videos like this on FOX Sports North

Find more videos like this on FOX Sports North

You learn something new every day

Before today, I had no idea that butterflies ever wore pink mini-skirts 
and thigh high black leather boots.
THANKS to unclenicks for the Mayte Carranco link.

Mayte Carranco tells us It IS the Heat and not the humidity

Thank you to our anonymous tipster


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