Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's YOUR DAY Suzie Suh!

Do You Need To Get A Haircut Today?

Even if you don't need one you may want to go to this salon and get one. 
I counted nine women wearing knee high or over the knee boots.
I'm just glad the people that knelt did so on the right hand side.
It has won this blog's award for Best Hair Salon of 2012.

click on picture for a larger view


We All owe aztec a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE 
for the quality of these photos!!!!

Little Suzie WAKES US UP!

Thank you AGAIN to our anonymous tipster.
I was planning on writing something about Suzie Suh's outfit but I can't write anything that will do her justice.
Actually right now, I'm barely capable of typing....
A picture is worth a thousand words anyway. 

You Could Travel The World, But Nothin' Comes Close To The Golden Coast

Once you party with them, you'll be fallin' in love!
Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!

California girls, they're unforgettable, 
Thigh high boots, with leather on top!
Sunkissed skin, So hot they'll melt a popsicle!
Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!

California girls, they're undeniable,
Fine, fresh, fierce, They got it on lock!
West coast represent, now put your boots on!
Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!
California! California Girls.
California! California Girls.

BIG THANKS to aztec for these photos of Sibila Vargas, who is an anchor for station KCAL (where else?) in Los Angeles. We used to see Sibila booted when she anchored the Morning News on Fox in Houston, but I believe this is the first time I've seen her booted in LA. Obviously Sibila is supermodel gorgeous, so THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!!

It's Not A Stretch To Say We Like Seeing Suzie Suh Wearing OVER THE KNEE BLACK LEATHER BOOTS!

A BIG THANK YOU to the anonymous commenter who brought this Suzie Suh video to our attention.
Better quality pics MAY have made this the scene of the year...

QVC's Lisa Robertson is a black suede beauty

A BIG, BIG THANKS to rich for finding this video!!