Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chelsee Healey And Helen Skelton Boot Battled On BBC Breakfast

Chelsee is just the latest in a long line of brown eyed brunettes 
that have put a spell on me.

A Black Leather Dress and Boots for Birgit Schrowange

Germany's Susi Brandt is Booted on the Blog

Kathryn Tappen will make you want to watch the NHL Network

It's Brooke Baldwin's Turn In The Spotlight

THANK YOU kyuubi for these photos!!!

Fox Sports North Girl Jenny Scores in Brown Leather

Like a True Nature's Child, Cindy Burbano Was Born To Be Wild

One of Our Viewers Answers the Call

Yesterday I posted the above picture asking if anyone thought that Zohreen Adamjee was indeed booted.  Well one of you answered the call and determined she is.
THANK YOU SIR for your analysis and pictures!!
Here is what he wrote to us: 
She's wearing some kind of boot, but I don't know if they go that high. I cleaned up and made the image B/W to try and see.. I've attached two pics that lead me to believe that they are boots. The first is the 'cleaned' image. The second is a close-up with the contrast cranked up, and you can see that there is an arc at the point where the boots could possibly be. I couldn't colour correct the image, as it was just too purple to do so. 
How it looked to me was that they are possibly OTK Boots with the tops (unfortunately)
folded down. Hopefully this mystery WILL BE ANSWERED for us SOME DAY .....

Wesla Wong is Venerable in Vancouver in Raspberry and Black

THANK YOU to our Canadian Contributor


THANK YOU to the contributor who sent these photos!