Thursday, July 12, 2012

Look at Mindy Basara's tan suede boots!!!


I must spend my whole life doing this, right?

Has anyone of you ever wondered, "That dude must spend ALL day working on that blog. He must not have a life."

It would seem that way, wouldn't it?
But believe it or not, I spend, on average, ONE MINUTE per post. That's creating and uploading the pics, embedding the video and writing the title.  That time goes up a little if I write much text in the post. And finding the videos isn't as tough as you may think either.  Most of the spots I already know where to go. And as for others, I'm really good with the Google.
And, of course, there's all the great links I get from you.

So, as much as I enjoy this, I do have a life.
I have family and friends, I have other hobbies, I have a job. 
And you never see very many posts on the weekend.

So if you ever wondered, there it is, 
if you never cared, skip this post.
G'Day all!

Lisa Robinson is the lady in red. And black leather boots


Ava Marie is lovely in a blue dress and black leather boots


Mindy Basara breaks out her black suede wedge heeled boots


Jennifer Franciotti takes her place in the Baltimore Boot Parade


Ava Marie makes her blog debut in purple and grey and black leather boots

I love how well purple and grey go together. 


Baltimore's Lisa Robinson boots up for a visit from Miss Maryland

Annalee Penny Wants Diane von Furstenberg's Boots


Colleen Odegaard is still smiling in Charlotte

Colleen Odegaard knows you can't go wrong with classic black knee highs

The Charlotte ladies boot battle when Eddie Money is in studio

Welcome Colleen Odegaard to the blog

Colleen is one of the hosts of Charlotte Today on WCNC.

In Sacramento, even the Saxophonists wear trendy boots

This is saxophonist Ava Lemert, performing on 
Good Day Sacramento.