Friday, February 3, 2012


SUPER BOWL 46 is this Sunday in Indianapolis.
The New York Giants are playing the New England Patriots.
At least 140 million people will be watching the game.
They could probably DOUBLE that number if they instead had some of our favorite newswomen playing instead, of course outfitted in our favorite team's jersey.

First, Annalee Penny of Fox 40 in Sacramento

Ama Daetz, formerly of Fox 40 in Sacramento.

Anna Kooiman, formerly of Fox News Rising in Charlotte.

Lisa Mateo of WPIX in New York City.

Michaela Johnson of the Rhode Show on Fox in Providence.

Nicole Koglin of Fox 6 in Milwaukee.

 Sukanya Krishnan and Frances Rivera of WPIX in New York. 

Erika Arias and Rachel Lutzker of Fox CT in Hartford.

Last, but not least, Ann Curry, Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show on the Super Bowl 46 field in Indianapolis.

Boots So Nice, We Gotta Show Them Thrice

Bethany Crouch's third trip to the blog today!!!
That's what happens when you buy new boots.

Connecticut newswomen in football jerseys


MORE BETHANY CROUCH booted on the red couch

Red and Black are the colors of the day


BETHANY HAS NEW BOOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And she gets in a good old Sacramento boot battle with Dr. Lyndsay Elliot on Fox 40 Live!                                            Great job picking out the black suede boots Bethany!

Princess Charlene of Monaco

Kelsey Soby looks nice in nylons

reprinted from March 21st, 2011

Alix was gone today so traffic reporter Kelsey Soby filled in on the Buzz.
She's got nice legs, I can hardly wait to see her booted, but we'll probably have to wait until the fall.

Vancouver Boot Battle

It's Fiona Forbes vs La Carmina, a blogger and Travel TV Hostess.