Monday, January 23, 2012

Your Daily AP Fix

If you're like me and need an Annalee Penny fix on days she's not on the air, check out this video from May 2010.

Erica Fox is finally back in boots


DAO VU has become a boot lover


Actress Monica Potter was booted on Today

Nilou Motamed is a Boot Lover!!

It seems like Nilou is booted EVERY TIME she's on The Today Show

It's Boots Day in Sacramento. AGAIN!!!

Annalee was not on today, which is pretty much like a day without sunshine, but Alisa and Bethany  booted up. It looks like Bethany has new pair of grey leather boots! 

Shannon Mulaire was nicely booted last Friday

2012 Hair Trends with Salon Capri:

Anna Kooiman has been busy in boots

Becky was booted Saturday


Robin Meade, Annalee Penny,Alix Kendall and Meredith Vieira all topped 25% and have been elected to the inaugural class of 
The Booted Newswoman Hall of Fame.
Hopefully they can all make it to the induction ceremony .....