Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Reeta Time

Susannah Streeter is on the Red and Black Attack

Sarah Falkland was Booted at a British Car Show

Table is Ruining Views in Milwaukee too

Rena Is Out And About And Booted

Michelle Ludtka And Hana Kim Of Q13 In Seattle

Please Welcome to the Blog Michelle Millman of KIRO-TV in Seattle

No Horsing Around!!!! Deanne Brink of KMTV in Omaha Looks GREAT in Boots

Meet The Lovely Ladies of WAOW-TV in Wausau, Wisconsin

Emily Neubauer
Melissa Langbehn

Melissa Langbehn

 Lauren Magiera
 Lauren Magiera

Kelsey Soby Booted Up On The Fox 9 Couch

 BIG THANKS to my friend kk for grabbing these pics.
kk is the first person I ever heard from abut the Blog
so I consider him the first viewer.  
Thanks for all of your support pal, early and often!

Dawn Stevens Doesn't Let The D%RN FL!&P(!N TABLE Get In Her Way!!

Sweater And Boots Are A Nice Combo For Jedediah Bila On Red Eye