Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Julie Chang Talks To The Animals In Black Leather Boots

HUGE THANKS to jaynorris117. 
 This is from November 2007 when Julie was still with WPIX.


I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS GUY IS ALIX KENDALL'S EX-HUSBAND. Well I CAN believe it's her EX-HUSBAND. I just can't believe he was ever her husband. Any way you can see Alix is wearing boots and she does slam the guy a little later in the video which was pretty funny.

Alix Walks Like An Egyptian

If an Egyptian wore Black Suede Boots......

Alix Booted in 2009

This is when they had too much crap on their table. In other words, before I complained that they were blocking boot views.

Alix Shakes Her Booty

Lauren Przybyl Goes Over the Knee In Black Leather Boots

It was already 65 degrees at 7 AM on a February morning in 
Dallas but that didn't stop Lauren from wearing 
Black Leather Over the Knee Boots 
for the Congressman's visit.

Cleveland's Kristi Capel

This video was posted on the blog in March from Fox 8's Web Site. I'm posting the You Tube version in hopes the quality is a little improved.

Nikki Sings And Dances While Kristen Boots Up