Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kristi Keeps Cleveland Going

Jennifer Jordan makes one of the greatest station debuts in television history!!

Jennifer has a beautiful smile and a wonderful taste in boots. Look at the PERFECT height on those black leather boots!!!!

Kristi Capel Is Excited To Be Back On The Blog


Bride to be boots up in Cleveland

Jaime Prentice, who was getting married on the Fox 8 Morning show the next day, is interviewed with her fiance.  You'll notice that Fox 8 Cleveland has improved it's video player, so hopefully we'll be able to see more Kristi Capel on the blog soon!!

Erica Fox knows what's fashionable


Diana Pierce has a cute new hairdo and black leather boots

LOTS of Alix Kendall in TALL BLACK SUEDE Pictures

Believe it or not, Hoda booted up Today

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Alix and Dawn Boot Battle In Minneapolis

I am LOVIN Alix' dress and of course her 
Black Suede Boots that go right up to the kneecaps!!