Thursday, September 27, 2012

Angela Ganote wants to be on the blog

We're going to Kansas City. Kansas City here we come.

Margie Ellisor is excited for sweater weather and boot season!!

No boot views here but Margie's co-host 
Tim Ezell states at the beginning of the segment 
that NO ONE gets more excited for autumn
sweater weather and boot season,
than Margie Ellisor.
She said "FINALLY", she's been waiting
all summer.  And you can see how visibly 
excited she does get!

Karina Mitchell makes her blog debut in Cleveland

Karina Mitchell is the new arts, culture and entertainment 
contributor to Live on Lakeside on WKYC in Cleveland.
Karina's husband is Russ Mitchell, who formerly hosted 
CBS Saturday Early Show, among other duties, where he 
got to sit next to such booted beauties as Thalia Assuras,
 Gretchen Carlson, Tracy Smith, Maggie Rodriguez and
Rebecca Jarvis.  Russ recently moved to Cleveland as the 
evening anchor on WKYC, the NBC affiliate.
Hopefully, after seeing this post, Karina (or Russ)
instruct the photographer to 'back up a bit'
in order to show more of Karina's boots!!

Randi Naughton climbs aboard the St. Louis Boot Express

Leyna Nguyen gets the LA Boot Season Rollin' in Black Knee Highs!

THANK YOU to reader and fellow blogger
thamo180 for posting this video.
He has many more pics over at his blog

It looks like Leyna followed someone's advice on her 

Bethany Crouch Is Celebrating Fall!!!

Bethany and Alisa Becerra were talking about 
the weather with Darren Peck and Bethany said, 
"It's the first week of fall, I'm wearing boots, I'm celebrating".
All I can say is


FOX 40 Meterologist Darren Peck is predicting 
a high of 94 degrees today in Sacramento.
I think Bethany Crouch was getting sick 
of the uncooperative weather and decided 
to start boot season anyway by wearing 
black suede boots with her fancy tights!! 
Hopefully I can get more and better pics later!