Monday, March 12, 2012

Are you ready for a WHOLE LOTTA ALIX ?

Here's some photos from last week when Alix wore my favorite outfit ever.  I owe a HUGE DEBT OF GRATITUDE to celeblover12 for providing me with the video so I could take these caps.  All of the pics are from that video except for the last which is from Facebook.


I would like to send my congratulations to one of my favorite booted newswomen, Nicole Koglin, on the birth of her baby.  Nicole has been featured on the blog over 60 times!! You and your baby look great Nicole!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Kim Insley is back in her big brown boots

We don't get very many or very good boot views here but I JUST LOVE the height of these boots and also how the leather has a kind of distressed look. THANKS for booting up today Kim!!!

Virginia Kerr bare legs and boots

Kute Karli brings the KC Boots