Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elizabeth Has Boots In Her Closet

Your Daily Strano

The adorable, energetic,and exuberant Hollie Strano 
makes another stop by the blog today
It's great seeing Hollie booted so often this year.
Maybe I'm wrong but she seems like the type that
wouldn't get too far from the mainstream when it comes to 
wearing boots. It just seems like she likes her basic 
black knee highs and that's it. I just don't see her wearing
OVER THE KNEE or even Suede Boots. 
HOPEFULLY she proves me wrong!!!

Lisa Holbrook makes it a Better KC, and a Better Blog


Nashville's Kacy Hagerty is back in black leather

WSMV Channel 4


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STOP ME if you've heard this one before. It's a Minnesota Boot Battle!

This time it's Karla Hult of Kare 11
Boot Battlin' guest Sonja Aaro of Macy's

Hey Christine Pullara. We Love Seeing Georgia Girls In Boots

Marni Hughes is a Seattle Standout!

In Jacksonville Florida, SHARON has a bun and black suede OVER THE KNEE BOOTS!!

Natalie Tysdal was booted on Daybreak in Denver

Kathie Lee Gifford has an unexpected early season boot appearance

BIG THANKS to gyuro for the alert!!

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