Saturday, October 6, 2012


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Beautiful Fall Colors. Beautiful Fall Boots.

This is, of course, Karli Ritter 
of Fox 4 in Kansas City

Fox Sports North Girl Angie Needs Taller Boots

The Fox Sports Southwest Girls are in Fort Worth and Liddy has tall brown leather boots!!

Jamie Yuccas Is Taking Full Advantage Of WCCO's New Set To Show Off Her Black Leather Boots!!

WATCH this video if you're hungry for a 
Chicago Dog or Hot Italian Beef.  YUM!!!

When It Comes To Boots, Jamie Yuccas Has A "Can Do" Attitude

Jamie Yuccas Starts Her Boot Season In Downtown Minneapolis

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Fox Sports North Girl Jenny Has Some Tall Black Suede Boots

They must have used a different camera for this pic.
It's not as clear, but it looks like Jenny has 
Over the Knee Black Suede Boots. 
Hopefully Angie goes out and gets a pair like those today!

Marvelous Margie does it again!!!

Seeing Margie and these boots makes my heart 
beat faster, and that's all that matters.
She looks absolutely gorgeous.
THANKS for making my day Margie!!

BETHANY CROUCH Is ENJOYING The Start Of Sacramento Boot Season!