Wednesday, March 9, 2011

University of California Women's Basketball Coach Joanne Boyle

Danielle Niles Booted Boston Weather Girl

Bridget Blythe NECN Morning News

Belinda Jensen has her boots on in the backyard

The GREAT Connecticut BOOT BATTLE !!!!!!

In one corner is blond Sarah French in a brown turtleneck sweater, short maize skirt, brown nylons and brown suede boots and in the other corner is guest Kathleen 'Kate' Lynch Bolduc in cream color boots that go, who knows how high?
Who wins this boot battle?

Here Kitty Kitty, it's a Sacramento Boot Battle

That's Julianne Byer of the Sacramento SPCA who beats Fox 40's Ama Daetz in this bootle.


Alix Kendall is Lovely in Black Leather

Early Show models in boots

Alix Kendall Booted Today

Maria Stephanos Black Suede Booted in Boston

Mrs. Massachusetts 1962 drops by our studio: