Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The LOOK OF THE YEAR (so far)

Elizabeth Ries' tangerine color sweater is so bright and
provides a nice frame for her gorgeous smile and
I absolutely love seeing white pants tucked 
in to brown leather over the knee boots.
It looks so clean and gives the outfit an equestrian feel. 


Christine Pullara Is Gorgeous In Grey

Virginia Kerr has got it going on

Love the color of her sweater and the way scarf looks.

Comedienne Shannan Paul Boot Battles Janel Klein On Kare 11 Today

More Kim Insley pics and video

Tara needs Taller Boots

We've MISSED YOU Jordan Carson

It's been WAY too long since Jordan Carson of WOOD-TV
in Grand Rapids, Michigan has visited the blog.

Where are you from?

I can see from the statistics section of Blogger 
how many visitors we get from each country.
But I can't see any more of a breakdown.
I was hoping everyone would be willing to
add an anonymous comment to this message  and tell me 
which state, province, district, city, etc. you're from.

I'm not trying to track anybody or anything like that.
I'm just curious.
For example, I've created 4 or 5 posts for Christine Pullara.
How many people from Georgia see her on TV 
AND see her on the blog?
How many people from Sacramento read this blog?
How many Fiona Forbes fans from British Columbia?

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Pullara Preview

This photo appears to show Christine Pullara 
wearing grey suede boots today.
this season that Christine has been booted in Atlanta.
I believe she's leading the league so far....
ATL & CO doesn't post their videos until the afternoon,
so there will be another post coming.

Barbra Streisand brings the black suede to the Katie Couric Show

NO DOUBT about it. Gwen Stefani looks awesome on the Ellen DeGeneras Show

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Kim Insley breaks out the black leather

Christine Pullara Is Turning Atlanta In To The Boot Capital Of The South