Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gucci Boots Marked Down FIFTY PERCENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

These Gucci Boots have been marked down
from $19,900 to ONLY $9,949!!!!
THANKS to Stephen for the links

If you refuse to buy discounted merchandise,
are still at the full price of $17,500

Has Anyone Ever Watched The Syndicated Show "RightThisMinute"?

RightThisMinute is a viral video show that launched in 2011. It is coming this fall to WUSA in Washington, DC, KARE11 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, KXTV in Sacramento and KSDK in St. Louis.  I have never seen the show but I think I'm going to be a huge, huge,  fan!!!!!!!!
The hosts are Gayle Bass
 Beth Troutman and Christian Vera.
(Left to right in the picture below)
It's rumored that there's also some dudes named Nick and Steven involved.

Sandra Daugherty Is Trendy And NOT Trashy


Brittany Pelletz Found Our Blog!!!!