Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kristin Tallent in Tulsa

MORE High Quality Kristi Capel in Boots Photos


We've seen former Miss Missouri Kristi Capel before but, because of Fox 8 Cleveland's crappy video on their web site, we've never seen Kristi in HI-DEF.  Well now we can!!!!

New Day in Cleveland - Kristi Capel in Boots


Bellacosa in black leather

More Bunker in Boots

Peggy Bunker black leather booted

Peggy Bunker was Melody Mendez' predecessor on Good Day Colorado.  These pictures and video are from 2009.

Hannah Storm faces a Kimodo Dragon

Thanks to Gyuro and Beppier for the alert.
This video is from 2005.  It may as well be the ice age as far as the video quality goes. BUT, we have a booted Hannah Storm getting a little freaked out by a Kimodo Dragon and a very large Snake.  The video is too old to be embeded but the link is below.


Hannah Storm and a Kimodo Dragon Video Link


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Courteney Cox and Dina Meyer