Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Doctor wins this Vancouver Boot Battle

Dr. Carin Bondar  vs Fiona Forbes


to see Fiona Forbes in black leather boots!

Atlanta's Karen Graham goes over the knee in black leather

Love Story: Mary and Vince:


Whose boots are these?

Before you answer, you better take another look.

WAIT!!!!!!  Look Again. Does anyone want to 'Hazard a guess'? Click on the Comments link.


Stage Actress Boots Up For TV Appearance

Christina Baldwin is appearing in Ragtime.

Tamsen Fadal goes over the knee in black suede

Robin Meade wore tall brown leather boots

Pics courtesy of DaveD!!  Thank you

Nancy Snyderman gives us a booted Today Show

Allison Seymour is nicely nyloned and black leather booted

Once again a table blocks good views. Thank you to gyuro for the alert.

Alix Wore Her Tall Black Suede Again

Michelle Linn is back in her soft grey suede boots

Oh how I wish Michelle would unfold the tops of those boots .....

Loren Halifax is booted again in KC

Damn logo is in the way .......

Dawn Stevens was black leather booted in Eden Prairie this morning

You can always count on Margie Ellisor for your boot viewing pleasure!!!


TRIPLE BOOT BATTLE on Here's To Your Health with Marilu Henner

Left to Right: Lori Harder, Jill Birth and Lisa Wolny. 

Savannah Guthrie was booted yesterday

I have only been able to find one pic, courtesy of werp121.
THANK YOu werp.