Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nordstrom's has these stylish Cole Haan Poppy Boots

Nice rounded toe

The sole and heel look comfy

Carol Fysh Wears A Black Leather Skirt And Over The Knee BLACK LEATHER BOOTS!!!

I'm lovin' these Vince Camuto Bollo Boots

Gold Medal Winner Jordyn Wieber Shows Off Her Steve Madden Boots

Jordyn was part of the Gold Medal winning United States gymnastics team.
During this interview, she is asked 'what makes a good boot?'

Germany wins Olympic Gold, Great Britain wins Silver and New Zealand gets Bronze in Team Eventing

Great Britain (l), Germany (c), New Zealand (r)

Jonelle Richards and Caroline Powell of New Zealand

Great Britain's Kristina Cook

Great Britain's Mary King

Italy's Vittoria Panizzon

 Jonelle Richards, Caroline Powell
 and the rest of the New Zealand team

Silver medallist Sara Algotsson Ostholt of Sweden, Gold medallist Michael Jung of Germany, and Bronze medallist Sandra Auffarth of Germany

Of course, most of the available photos are of the queen's granddaughter, Zara Phillips, who was part of Great Britain's Silver Medal winning team, thus making her the first member of the Royal family to medal in the Olympics.