Friday, December 16, 2011

Elizabeth Finds Big Boots In Her Closet

Elizabeth Ries is wearing Steve Madden Brown Leather Over the Knee Boots!

Elizabeth's Closet Video Link:




A Minneapolis Boot Battle

This time we're done in by the stand blocking good shots guest Jodi Mayers brown leather boots.

This could have been an All-Time Great

This is Amelia Santaniello of WCCO in Minneapolis. She's been on the blog before but they spend all of their time behind the news desk now days.  In this video they interview a University President at his home and there's plenty of views of them walking around and looking at different things in the house. 
But because of the mediocre video player WCCO has online, it's hard to tell if those are thigh high or over the knee black leather boots that Amelia is wearing.  I'm thinking thigh high .....

Wendy Diamond is laughing in leather on Good Day New York

Holiday Pet Gifts:

It's a black vs brown, leather vs suede, Natasha vs Melanie Washington Boot Battle

Dao Vu is on a Boot Wearing tear

I believe this makes it 5 out of the last 6 days!!


Savannah Guthrie boot battles Nancy Snyderman

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Virginia and Carol stage a St. Louis Boot Battle

O Tera, Please Buy Those Boots

They did a winter boot segment in Charlotte.  
Unfortunately Tera Blake isn't wearing boots but at least we see her thinking about it.

Nicole Koglin shows off her Black Riding Boots


Vegas Triple Boot Battle

Thanks to gyuro for the alert.
On the left is guest hostess Marie Cyran, in the middle is Dao Vu, of course, and on the right is Kathy Jung of the Nevada SPCA.