Monday, February 21, 2011

Natasha Barrett loves wearing tall boots

Elizabeth has OTK Boots in her closet

Video Link - Wed, November 17, 2010

Student Designer on Twin Cities Live

Video Link - U of M Senior Fashions

Margie Ellisor Very Short Skirt, Very Tall Boots!!!


Kristen Van Dyke booted in Albuquerque

Financial Planning :

Not full view but Hey, It's Jackie Johnson

Former Miss Missouri Kristi Capel is welcomed to Cleveland

Her new co-workers make her dance and play "Twister" among other things.


Here's a pic of Kristi (on the right) I found online

Anna Kooiman looks good working out and wearing a football jersey

Sheinelle Has Been Gone Too Long

I am GLAD she's back on the Blog!!

Colbie Smulders booted on a segment on The Early Show

Who is Mara Schiavocampo?

I still don't know but she's booted on the Today Show. Welcome to the blog Mara.

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Dr Raj is booted in black leather

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Didn't know if I should post this

There's only a couple of very brief glimpses but Annalee Penny is wearing a cute short black dress, black tights and black leather boots. It may not be worth your time to view the video but that's up to you, of course.


Welcome to the blog Stacey Elgin

Road Warrior: So You Think You Can Dance Auditions:

Nicole Koglin Breaking boards in Boots


I LOVE Lori's Boots

Chocolate Brown Leather Over the Knee Boots? I'm lovin' these Boots worn by Lori Wilson of NBC 10 in Philadelphia.

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