Friday, March 28, 2014

Please Vote For The 1st Local TV Station To Be Added To The Booted Newswoman Hall Of Fame

The Nominees

Boston FOX 25
Home of Maria Stephanos, Shannon Mulaire, Shiri Spear, 
Melissa Mahan, Sorboni Banerjee, Lily Hopkins, 
Sharman Sacchetti, Sara Underwood, Heather Hegedus, 
Sarah Wroblewski and former home of Kim Carrigan and 
Cindy Fitzgibbon.

Denver FOX 31
Home of Brooke Wagner, Jennifer Broome, Heather Mills,
Shanna Mendiola, Hema Muller, Shaul Turner, Kim Posey
Tammy Vigil and former home of Melody Mendez and Natalie Tysdal

Detroit FOX 2
Home of Deena Centofanti, Amy Andrews, Taryn Asher, Kam Carman, Anqunette Jamison,Amy Lange and Jessica Starr

Milwaukee FOX 6
Home of Nicole Koglin, Katrina Cravy, Kim Murphy, 
Courtney King, Cassandra McShepard, Angelica Duria, 
Brittney Sager and Anne State

Minneapolis FOX 9
Home of Alix Kendall, Dawn Stevens, Kelsey Soby, 
Dawn Mitchell, M.A. Rosko, and Erin Schneider

Minneapolis WCCO
Home of Amelia Santaniello, Natalie Nyhus, Jamie Yuccas,
Nina Moini, Angela Davis, Liz Collin, Heather Brown, 
Kate Raddatz, Rachel Slavik and former home 
of Aristea Brady

New York WPIX
Home of Tamsen Fadal, Lisa Mateo, Sukanya Krishnan,
Monica Morales, Kaity Tong, Linda Church, Kirstin Cole,
and former home of Frances Rivera and Jill Nicolini

Phoenix 12 News
Home of Tram Mai, Caribe Devine, Hailey Frances,
Emma Jade, Megan Finnerty, Veronica Sanchez and
Lin Sue Conney

Sacramento FOX 40
Home of Bethany Crouch, Sabrina Rodriguez, Zohreen Adamjee,
Stefanie Cruz, Alisa Becerra, Kristina Werner,
 and former home of Annalee Penny

St. Louis FOX 2
Home of Margie Ellisor, Angie Mock, April Simpson, 
Randi Naughton, and Rebecca Roberts


Rebecca Roberts Shows Off Her Two Tone Leather Boots In St. Louie

LET'S GO METS!!!!!!!!

New York Mets In Game Host Alexa Datt brought her Boots, 
and Mr. and Mrs. Met, to WPIX's Morning News

E Jean Carroll Rides Back To The Today Show

THANK YOU to Jake for the video

Kara Sundlun Is Sueded In Connecticut

Lindsay Shively Is Kicking Back In K.C.

It's Been WAY TOO LONG Since Ashley Kringen Was On The Blog!!

Melanie Orlins Brings Boots Back To Central PA

THANK YOU to Billy for the photos

Julie Hatmaker Makes It A Brown Boot Friday On Fox 43

THANK YOU to Billy for the photos

The Good Times Roll On Good Day Colorado


WTSP's Jennifer Titus Is Chased By A Goat!