Friday, March 23, 2012

No Need to Add a Poll. Nilou Motamed is the Top Booted Today Show Contributor of the season

Austin guest is black leather booted on Good Day

This is Melanie Dunham of Austin Family Magazine

This is Lisa Gonzales

This is Lisa Gonzales of CW 31/CBS 13's Good Day Sacramento presenting a segment on Techno Guards.

Sacramento Readers - We Need Your Help

Someone named til posted this photo on another site but did not tell us anyone's names. 
I'd like to know if the woman in the middle is Lisa Gonzales of CBS13 and Good Day Sacramento.
Can anyone help us out?

It has been confirmed that this is indeed 

Fiona Forbes

Fiona Forbes has a couple of booted pictures on her website.

OO AH OO AH Come On, Kitty, Tell Us About The Boots In Detroit City

THESE PHOTOS are COURTESY of nonblogger.
THANK YOU nonblogger!!!!!!
First up is Ashlee Baracy

Next is Deena Centofanti

And last but not least a brown vs black, leather boot battle between Karen Drew and Ashlee Baracy.
THANK YOU nonblogger!!!!