Thursday, May 2, 2013


Ana Cabrera and Lisa Hildago

Christine Chang   and   Maureen McCann

Maureen McCann  and  Christine Chang

Dayle Cedars and Lisa Hildago

Dayle Cedars and Lisa Hildago

Lisa Hildago and Dayle Cedars

Lisa Hildago and Bertha Lynn

Lisa Hildago and Maureen McCann

Maureen McCann  and  Dayle Cedars

More Booted Newswomen at ABC 7 in Denver

Christine Chang

Ana Cabrera

Bertha Lynn

Dayle Cedars

Dayle Cedars

Denver Meteorologist Maureen McCann Joins the Blog Family

Lisa Hidalgo is a Boot Lover Nonpareil

Amanda Kost is a Reporter for 7 News in Denver

Jennifer Broome is Booted Too

Not only is Meteorologist Jennifer Broome on Good Day Colorado, but she does a segment on the Everyday Show.
Bonus Broome in Boots is Beautiful!!!

Is anyone else missing Melody Mendez?
What's that?  Everyone is?
Thought so.
They just need to get rid of that fri#*en table

Brooke Wagner has been a GREAT Late Season Boot Wearer on Good Day Colorado!!

Booted in Buffalo

Joanna Pasceri  and Ginger Geoffery

Nalina Shapiro

Maryalice Demler

Melissa Holmes

Joanna Pasceri 

Ginger Geoffery

Joanna Pasceri  and Ginger Geoffery

JUMP !!! Anna Kooiman is Booted for the Friday Dance Party

Reprinted from March 11, 2011 in memory of Chris Kelly of Kris Kross who passed away yesterday
I come stompin' with somethin' pumpin' to keep you jumpin'
R&B, rappin' bull crap is what I'm dumpin'
Ain't nothin' sucker about Kris Kross, we all that
So when they ask, "Do they rock?" Believe that
The Koo Anna will make you, jump, jump
Anna Koo will make you, jump, jump
Kris Kross will make you jump, jump