Saturday, January 12, 2013

How about some HIGH DEFINITION photos of Susan Hendricks filling in for Robin Meade

Farah Dhalla has snow boots in Edmonton

THANK YOU to our Canadian contributer!!

Juliet Huddy is the latest to Boot Up on Red Eye

Zohreen wore Boots in the Snow Cave!


I haven't been able to find the video yet, 
but if I do, I'll post more photos!!

I'll NEVER get tired of seeing Red paired with Black Leather. And, Of course, we'll never get tired of seeing that sweet smile of Jenny Anchondo!!

A Gorgeous outfit and a Gorgeous smile!!


We're so HAPPY you found the Blog Zohreen!!
I LOVE the comment you made that your friends will be entertained!! 
You will find that we are very respectful of 
ALL newswomen who appear on the Blog. 
You are MORE THAN WELCOME to appear on the Blog  
WHENEVER and as OFTEN as you like!
THANKS for linking to the Blog!!

Laura Cole of CBS13 is the latest Sacramentian on the Blog

We've Been Praying for Tamsen Fadal to wear her Big Black Suede Boots on WPIX Nighttime News

Michel McDermott's British Columbia Boots

THANK YOU to our Canadian contributer 
for the first four photos

LOVIN' Fox Sports Wisconsin Girl Sage's Boots

Flat Black Leather for Belinda Jensen