Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fox Sports North Girl Kaylin boots up to drive the plow

BOOT BONANZA On Twin Cities Live

Elizabeth is brown suede booted

A model has VERY NICE and TALL Black Leather Riding Boots
And in the lower left hand portion of the next pic, you can see
that cute reporter Emily Engberg is brown leather booted.
And so is the model on the right. 

It's a Black Leather Day for Lisa Holbrook in Kansas City



We've seen Natalie get pretty daring with her
boot wearing in the past, but never in black leather.
She's gone OVER THE KNEE
 in black suede and in brown leather.
But these are definitely the tallest and sexiest
black leather boots I've seen her wear!

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Angela Epstein goes RED on BBC

I think Angela is a columnist for the Daily Mail in London.

Rockin Robin Rockin Brown Leather

PHOTOS courtesy of HSF909!! THANK YOU

Real Milwaukee guest Gina Esch wears black leather

Angie Mock Is Filling Margie's Boots Nicely

While Margie's away, it's Angie's turn to play!

Su-Ling Goh Brings Edmonton Back To The Blog

Guest Kerry Kennedy Wore Boots On The Today Show

THANK YOU to gyuro for the alert!

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No Boots on The Buzz

BUT ALIX is as gorgeous as ever!!

We Won't Get Fooled Again! No, No.

And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgement of all wrong
They decide and then the shotgun sings the song
that I missed Elizabeth Hasselbeck in boots last week.
Thankfully someone commented saying 
they couldn't believe I missed this.   
Unfortunately, I'll probably miss a lot of things this year.
This Blog doesn't pay the bills. 
I have a regular job that is becoming more demanding by the day.
I have a family. I have other hobbies.
This year more than ever, I will need tips and alerts from the readership.
I do appreciate your readership, your comments and tips,
but please don't call me out when I miss something.