Saturday, February 1, 2014

Limited Photos From Yesterday's Good Morning America Light And Dark Suede Boot Battle

Does anyone know what Ginger Zee's deal is?
For every segment inside she removed her Boots and put on heels? WHY? I could see doing that if they were a pair of snow boots or rain boots or something else UN-Fashionable.
But these looked to be very fashionable Black Suede Boots. And the next question is: If she was putting on the Boots to keep warm outside, wouldn't the OVER THE KNEE BLACK SUEDE BOOTS she wore in studio last year be warmer?

The Fox Sports Girls Have Been Busy In Boots

Left to Right
Liddy of Fox Sports Southwest, Kristine of Fox Sports, Ohio,
Angela of Fox Sports Detroit, Bishara of Fox Sports Wisconsin 
and Kayla of Fox Sports Midwest.



 Brie and Katie of Fox Sports San Diego
Katie of Fox Sports San Diego