Monday, November 7, 2011

Katie Nordeen is luscious in black leather

Fox 8's Katie Nordeen brings her own boot-sniffer in studio

Fox 8 is in High Point, North Carolina

No Video but we've got pictures of Alix brown leather booted

Bethany Crouch Booted In Sacramento

Of course, because it's Sacramento, the camera operator can't focus on one thing (like Bethany's boots) for longer than a split second.  The best boots views is with about 38 seconds left in the video.  Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't warrant a posting, but when it comes to our Sacramento starlets (Bethany plus Annalee Penny), any boot view is worth mentioning! I'm adding an additional pic at the end from last year when one of our great readers found a nice pic on twitter.

Keri Bellacosa starts her season by getting in an Austin Boot Battle with guest Jayme Clark