Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Michelle Miller Of CBS Has Black Leather OTK Boots!!

It's Been WAY TOO LONG Since Fiona Forbes Was On The Blog

Those Long Black Boots Of Lisa Holbrook


Cherish Lombard Is On A Boot Wearing Binge

I could only find this picture on Studio 10's Website 
as I couldn't find a video showing her Weitzmans

Angela Sun In Black Suede Boots

You can see Angela on Yahoo Sports Minute
What I've always wondered is, since that only takes a minute, doesn't Angela have time to host Yahoo Boots Hour
I think Angela used to be on currentTV ....

Margie Ellisor Paired A Grey Turtleneck With Black Suede Boots

Creighton University Medical Student Nicole Is Brown Leather Booted On Morning Blend Omaha

Drita D'Avanzo Guests On WPIX And Makes Us An Offer We Can't Refuse

Charlotte Parent Magazine Editor Eve White Has LONG Black Leather Boots!!!