Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Miss USA 1989 Gretchen Jensen Is Now Hosting UTAH WORKS On ABC 4 in Salt Lake City

See What You Are MISSING If You Are NOT Checking Out The LAARZENBLOG

This is German TV presenter 
Collien Ulmen-Fernandes
These pictures came from the 
Translated from Dutch,
The creator of that Blog has always been a big supporter of our Blog and even gives us credit for being his inspiration. 
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Dawn Does It Again

THANK YOU to Greg for the photos

A Table And A Script Ruin Our Hollie Giangreco In Boots Views

Michael Cardamone needs to find 
a better place to leave his script.
Or maybe WKYC can get rid of that 
table so he can't set his script there...

This Is Something I Think All Of Our Morning Newswomen Can Relate To

Jade Hanson of WSLS in Roanoke has to get dressed in the dark and it's inevitable something like this would happen.  That's why we would suggest only owning tall Boots......
That's ok Jade, it's always better to wear Boots EVEN If they don't match

Lynn Berry Is Pulling Double Duty In Boots

After anchoring Morning Express,
Lynn is now helping out on HLN NOW.
THANK YOU to Edwin Paschke Jr. for the alert

Robin Roberts And Sherri Shepherd Show Their Styles In A GREAT Good Morning America Boot Battle

THANK YOU to Nick for the alert