Monday, December 17, 2012

Early Morning Arizona Boot Battle

THANK YOU jake!!!

Tamsen Fadal And Linda Church In A Leather Vs Suede New York Boot Battle

Calgary Black Suede For Tara Slone

Shannon Mulaire Is Black Leather Booted In Boston

Robin Meade Is Wearing Black Leather Boots

THANK YOU to HSF909 for the pictures!!

Cyreia Sandlin Of WTOC In Savannah, Georgia

Mary Calvi And Alex Denis Are A Dynamic Duo In The Gotham City

Amber Zito Has Some Great Grey Suede Boots!

Amber Zito, formerly a blonde, was
Miss Missouri 2007. 

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Su-Ling Goh Brightens Up Edmonton's Day

Big Black Leather Boots for Tonya Reynolds in Dayton, Ohio

Marni Hughes Is Sueded In Seattle


Sideline Reporter Julia Alexandria has some SWEET SUEDE BOOTS