Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kristina zur Mühlen Wears The Boots That Never End

Readers Wanted More Rena Pictures

Mary Beth McDade's Boots Match EVERY COLOR DRESS SHE HAS!!

THANK YOU to AZTEC for the pictures
and to a GREAT FRIEND of the Blog for the alert

Nefertiti Jaquez Is On Patrol In Boots

THANK YOU to MP for sending the link!

Brown Leather For Emily Engberg

Heather Brown Is A Boot Wearer Of Some Reknown

It's NO SECRET Nydia Han Looks Great In Boots

YES Kristina, There IS Ice In Bakersfield.

WFMZ's Catherine Hawley Gave Blood In Boots In Allentown, PA

Tatevik Aprikyan Brings STYLE To Idaho Falls