Thursday, May 16, 2013

Triple Treat From NBC Connecticut

Sabina Kuriakose

Stephania Jimenez

Liz Dahlem

JUMP FOR JOY!! Shirley Chan Is On The Blog!!

From Arlington to Amarillo and From Seattle to Fort Worth, Elizabeth Dinh LOVES Wearing Boots!!!

Elizabeth was Miss Asian American Texas in 2003!!!
Elizabeth worked at KAMR in Amarillo, WFTS in Tampa 
and KOMO in Seattle before returning to her 
home state in December at KTVT in Dallas/Fort Worth
Elizabeth is ONE of US!!
According to this Facebook Post,
she observes Boot Watching Season just like we do!!!!
That's right Elizabeth!!!!

We Benefit BIG TIME From A Chilly Connecticut Day In May

We didn't see Rachel Frank this past year because, as far as I know, she didn't fill in on the morning news as she had a lot the year before.  
But LUCKILY FOR US, the Blog's newest 
Best Friend, D, shared these photos with us. 
for this huge late season surprise!

Just a little bit of a Boot View at the end, but 
if you want to watch Rachel present the weather,
click on the link below!!


Whose Boots Are These? REVEALED

It's Kellie DeMarco of KCRA in Sacramento!!!

TV Host and Actress Diane Mizota Makes Her Mark On The Blog

From red carpet coverage, celebrity interviews, game shows, kid shows, decorating shows, corporate clients, 
and brand integration, Diane Mizota’s experience 
as an on-camera talent and producer is vast