Friday, November 16, 2012

Tram Mai in High Definition in High Black Leather Boots

OK kids, you know the drill, say "Thank you Jake"
I could see Tram becoming a blog favorite, what do you think?

An Arizona Black Leather Boot Battle

WOW jake, you're really doing us right with your videos. 
This is something I never would have found.

This is Hailey Frances and Tram Mai on NBC 12 in Phoenix.

The Gophers Hockey Team has the Cutest Fans in the Land

photos courtesy foxsportsnorth

Who has new Brown Leather Boots?

YES, it's Fox Sports Detroit Girl Lauren! 
Hopefully we also get some front views of 
Lauren and her Boots!

Faizon Loves Shally's Boots

Mall of America Trend Specialist Sara Rogers and a Model Boot up on Twin Cities Live

Your Daily Strano

Erica Fox breaks out her Cream Colored Boots!!

Some Fox stations have upgraded their video players and it's not a good change. If I embed the video in to the Blog, it starts playing automatically, which is something I don't like.  So instead I am just linking to the video. this player is always tougher to use. 

Erica Fox Video Link


Let's head to Quebec to meet Vanessa Pilon

Merci à notre contribuant du Canada

Jenny had little boots on for this photo shoot

The Weather Channel's Julie Martin wears Tall Black Suede

THANK YOU tyler durden for the photos!!

Jordana is still enjoying New York City

Melissa Cabral Has Her Truck Driving Boots On