Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Rare Treat From The Grand Canyon State

Not the best views and not great quality but it is so rare to find a newswoman wearing boots in Arizona that we have to show this hostess of Your Life A to Z on News 3 in Phoenix.

Now the regular hostess is Lisa Haffner but I don't think it's Lisa.  It could be Stacey Delikat or Lori Santa Maria.
Can anyone in Arizona help us out?

Guest Elaine Mensah Wears Tall Black Suede On Let's Talk Live

There's NOTHING like a good San Diego Boot Battle

It's Fox 5's Shally Zomorodi in classic black leather knee highs taking on singer Jes in over the knee black leather boots.

Now Isn't This Better KUSA? No Blocked Boot Views Of Denise Plante.

Denise Plante Faces Off In A Colorado Boot Battle

If I Ever Find The Guy Or Gal That Invented Tables, I'm Gonna ...

This is from a show called Colorado & Company on KUSA-TV in Denver.
Seriously KUSA?  You're so strapped for space that you need to store your Lemons and Limes where you interview your guests?
And do you really need that big of a table to hold them?
You could have told guest dude, "Fine you can come in for an interview, but you have to hold on to the fruit during it."

Denise Plante, welcome to the blog.  We hope to see you again soon.

This time Vanessa Cardenas goes over the knee in black suede

Vanessa Cardenas is pretty in pink AND big brown suede boots

Linet Puente Wears Short Shorts And Tall Boots

Personally, I feel if you're wearing shorts and boots, they should be flat-heeled boots.
But that's just my preference.

The Fox Sports Southwest Girls have Texas State Flag Cowgirl Boots

Brazilian University's TV station has a story on Winter Boots