Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thigh High Heaven For Andrea Tantaros On Red Eye

THANK YOU to rich for finding this gem from 2009

Gina Pitisci is The Latest News Lady To Be Dressed For Dressage

Gina anchors the 5:30 and 11:00 PM newscasts
on WCTV-TV and the 10:00 PM newscast 
on WTLH-TV in Tallahassee, Florida

Now That Rachel Nichols Is With CNN Will She Wear Boots More Often?

The photo above is the only one 
I have ever found of Rachel wearing Boots

MAMA MIA!!!!! Jennifer Valdez And Tracye Hutchins Boot Battled On Better Mornings Atlanta

Actress Lily Collins Wears Thigh High Boots While Promoting Her Movie "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones"

This link was sent by Contributor D.J.

Mary-Louise Parker Is Booted In The Movie Red 2

Our Contributor D.R. sent these pics from the 
new Movie Red 2. He also sent the commentary below.
Except the first 15 minutes or so, Mary Louise-Parker 
remains booted the entire film.  Here are a few pics. 
If you look online you can probably find more.  
Her boot height rises from mid-calf engineering/biker boots early on, to knee high black, then knee high tan riding boots. At one point Bruce Willis comments on her high-heeled, black knee highs: "How those Jimmy Choos working out for ya?" (Kind of an homage to Redford & Fonda in "The Electric Horseman.") Interesting continuity FAIL: at one part of the film, the team enters a Russian military site.  MLP is wearing black knee highs.  
She is forced to don a Russian military uniform that nicely features 
black knee highs, but they're a DIFFERENT pair of boots. 
I don't have pics of MLP in said uniform. Enjoy!

We're Filled To The Brim With Jennifer Coffey In Boots Photos

with Kerstin Lindquist, also of QVC

QVC's Jennifer Coffey Broke Out The Boots Today

Thank you to our anonymous commenter for this alert