Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Deena danced in boots

Maggie takes a turn in black suede

Her big brown eyes will make you melt

It's funny, but it was almost exactly one year ago that we last had a Maggie Rodriguez post. Well, thanks to nonblogger's video, we get another. How much better would CBS' morning show  be with May-Rod still on it?

Kelly Cobiella !!!!!!

Wossamotta U ?

Bella donna Deena Centofanti wants to know why it took us THREE YEARS to get this video on the blog

Hollie Strano Has A Classic Look

Just five days after our first Hollie Strano post, Hollie posted these pictures on her Facebook page.
I'm sorry I missed them then Hollie, but now you're back on the blog!

Some old school Natalie Kane

Maybe not that old, but in the internet age, 2010 is a lifetime ago.

We never tire of seeing the Fox Sports Detroit Girls on the blog

Margie shows off her black suede