Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Liz Horton Predicted Rain In The Triangle. And She VERY SMARTLY WORE HER BOOTS!!!

Shawn Killinger Wore Brown Leather Boots On QVC

Another Season Of Due North Outdoors Begins Thursday Which Means Another Season Of Laura Schara In Boots!!

Anna Gilligan Makes Today Another Great Day In New York

A Sign Of Things To Come? Let's Hope Not.

On Tuesday's Today Show Natalie Morales and Tamron Hall 
both wore "Booties" which are, basically, short Boots.
Most people who follow this Blog, 
as well as myself, are fans of taller Boots, 
either knee high or over the knee.
We see the Booties as more of a Shoe than a Boot.
Hopefully this is just an early fall trend 
and we will see these ladies
wearing taller Boots throughout the season 
This is guest Teresa Caputo wearing the 
calf high suede Boots.
Thank You to Jake for the video

The Incredibly Chic Christie Dutton Is Delightful In The 'Ville