Monday, November 3, 2014

Amelia Santaniello Is Happy To Be Back On The Blog

THANK YOU to Greg for the photos

For Your Consideration

Every so often I ask a favor of the Blog's readers. All I am asking for is your consideration. We get most of our photos from videos posted on local television stations' web sites or from those stations' News Live Streams.  The way I look at it, the more Internet viewers those stations get on their site, the better off they are. They get additional revenue.  And if they see that the referring site for a good number of their website visits is a Booted Newswomen Blog, then it's all the better for us. So, if you see a video embedded on this site, PLEASE watch it. And if you have some time during your day to watch some newscasts, PLEASE visit some of these sites, or others. THANK YOU

One of my goals with this Blog is to bring the talent of newscasters in a local market to a national or even international audience.  The more videos and Live Streams we watch will help bring that goal to fruition.

This Is Kerri-Lee's First Time On The Blog This Season

THANK YOU to DC for sending the pics

Dawn Stevens Just May Have The Perfect Pair Of Black Leather Knee High Boots

Right Up To Her Knees. PERFECT!
Thank you to Greg for the photos

Kelly Cass Is Wearing Tall Black Leather

THANK YOU to Paul for the photos

Gretchen Jensen's Gorgeous Outfit Includes Black Suede Boots