Thursday, December 20, 2012

SEVEN WORDS: 1-Natalie. 2-Morales. 3-High. 4-Definition. 5-Black. 6. Leather. 7-BOOTS.

THANK YOU jake!!!!!

Eleanor Coopsammy & Terri Apostle Boot Battle in Winnipeg

Thank You to our Canadian contributer

Wednesday's Today Show Boot Battles in HIGH DEFINITION

THANK YOU jake, without you we would only have 
the VERY LOW DEF pics from NBC's video player.

Nefertiti Jáquez is leaving Houston for Philadelphia

The good news is she'll probably boot up more in Philly

Virginia Kerr is Boot Battlin' in St. Louis


THANK YOU to our anonymous contributer 
for sending these photos!!!!!!!!!!!

It's time for Keri Bellacosa to get taller boots

If they're going to cover the screen with all of 
those graphics, it would be nice if Keri wore 
taller boots so we can get better views.