Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We Miss You

I get E-mails every day asking me what  happened to Annalee Penny.  Annalee was in the middle of perhaps the greatest boot season EVER by a  newswomen, in fact booting up every day she was on the air in January. She was even elected in to our inaugural class of the Booted Newswomen Hall of Fame. Then, suddenly, about a month ago, Annalee disappeared from Fox 40 Live in Sacramento.  Her picture and blog are still on their website and the station claims she's coming back so I'm trying to keep the faith.  It's just been a long time. So long in fact, that someone asked today who the girl was on the blog background picture holding up her thumb and fore finger. 

I'm going to speak for everyone that frequents this blog when I say: Annalee, we miss you and we love you.  And we don't love you because you wear boots. We DO love that you do wear boots, but what we really love is your personality, quirkiness, spirit and energy.
You're a ton of fun to watch and we hope you're back on the air soon. 

No Boots but check out Alix from 2001 !!

I just happened to come across this on You Tube so I thought I'd share. I forgot the show used to be called Good Day Minnesota. It started in 1999 and Alix and her co-host Tim Sherno didn't read the news, it was formatted more like the network morning shows. 

Baltimore's Emily Gracey is Irish Dancing in Brown Leather Boots

BIG THANKS to rich for this alert!

We haven't checked in with Su-Ling Goh in way Too-Long

You Have To Go North To See Su-Ling Goh In Boots

Canadian actress Pascale Hutton boots up on Urban Rush

Pascale Hutton is in the new CBC series Arctic Air.

We also get to see a nicely nyloned Fiona Forbes!!

This IS the day that separates the BOOT LOVERS from the Boot Wearers

Earlier we saw Robin Meade (projected high temp in Atlanta today was 74) and Alix Kendall (projected high temp in Minneapolis is 71). Now we see, in case there was any doubt before, that Margie Ellisor is a definite BOOT LOVER as she dons black leather on a day where the St. Louis high temperature was expected to reach 76.

Photos of Alix in grey suede

courtesy KMSP-TV

Alix Kendall doesn't care about the projected record high temperatures today

It's supposed to be in the Mid 70s in Minneapolis today, which is crazy for March.
Didn't matter to Alix as she broke out the grey suede today.
Now, we all KNOW she HAS to be aware of this blog. I mean the URL is alixkendallworship.
But do we think she checks it out?
Now I'm not saying that Alix booted up in grey suede just for us ......
But You Never Know. 
It may have been her way to show her appreciation for our continued patronage!!

courtesy KMSP-TV