Friday, March 16, 2012

A couple of quick views of Kelsey Soby dancing in boots!

Mia Van de Water boots up in Brown Leather on Fox Connecticut Morning News

Mia is in a movie made in Connecticut called
"I Hate Tom Petty"

OVERVIEW OF "I Hate Tom Petty":
Nineteen year old director Ila Duncan's first film tells the story through original music and dramatic performances of a guitar player songwriter who is the son of a successful Wall Street financier. Though taught from the cradle about business he chooses art over commerce, setting up: an emotional struggle, a rift with his family and a competition with his agent who pushes him into over striving. Believing Tom Petty is the ultimate modern commercial success he challenges himself to match Mr. Petty's career. At one point the stress causes a temporary failure in his career and a breakup with his singer songwriter girlfriend. He descends into a world of drugs, alcohol and hookers until his girlfriend returns to help him put his life back together.

Savannah Guthrie and Diane von Furstenberg boot battle on the Today Show

I received an email from roadglide saying that Natalie and a guest were booted today. I looked at a bunch of videos and didn't see Natalie today so I think he meant Savannah.
ANYWAY, a HUGE THANKS to roadglide as I might not have even looked at the Today Show today, as the bottom has really dropped out as far as boot wearing in the US. Spring has sprung too early for our enjoyment.

It's Time To Expand Nilou's Role On The Today Show

Savannah breaks out the black suede

Fiona Forbes boot battles guest Mary Zilba

Mary Zilba is a recording artist, television personality and former Miss America contestant. 

In this episode of Urban Rush from last November, Mary wears brown leather knee highs while Fiona counters with black suede over the knee boots.  Both ladies are very nicely nyloned.