Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You May Call It Heaven, But We Call It Minnesota

These pictures and video ARE NOT from December or January.
These are from today.
There will be a LOT MORE snow tomorrow.
Where else do women wear Boots eleven months out of the year? 
I bet ALL of you Boot Lovers in 80 degree weather right now are WISHING you were here!!!

THANKS to Artie for the link

It's STILL Winter in MInnesota WHICH MEANS, It's STILL Amelia Santaniello in Black Leather Over The Knee Boots Season!!!!

THANK YOU to Artie for the Alert!!! 

Nicola Crosbie is Miraculous in Maroon

THANK YOU to our Canadian Contributor!!!

Kim Johnson Wears Big Black Boots by the Great Salt Lake

No Boots But Lisa Ferguson is INCREDIBLY ADORABLE!!!!

Lisa and John review some gut busting fun foods 
from college campuses around the country.

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Natalie Tysdal Makes Sure She Gets On The Blog One More Time

Cathy Rigby is AGAIN Booted on the Blog. This time with Kate Welshofer in Schenectady.

Former Olympic gymnast Cathy Rigby, who has made a living playing Peter Pan, was a guest on Your News Now (YNN)
 in Binghamton/Oneida, New York.

Rachel Lagacé is Back in Black Leather

BIG THANK YOU to our Canadian Contributor!!!

Kim Murphy Boots Up for Brian

Brian Ritchie of the Violent Femmes was in 
the Fox 6 Studios in Milwaukee this morning 

Katrina Cravy REFUSES to Embrace Spring

THANK YOU Katrina for continuing to celebrate Winter!!!!