Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Lindsay Cohen Is On The Scene In Seattle

Natalie Morale's Christmas Gift To Us

HUGE THANK YOU to Jake for the video!

Our Only Boot Views Of Liz Collin On WCCO

A Preview Of More Natalie Morales Pictures

I think our man Jake is available 
today to record The Today Show.

It's About Time We Have Linda Cohn On The Blog

Virginia Huie Sends Her Holiday Greetings From Long Island

Natalie Morales' Christmas Gift

THANK YOU to Greg for the photos
and THANKS to EVERYONE who sent an Alert!

Sharon Tazewell Is Back In Boots On The WNCN Couch In Raleigh-Durham

Fox Sports Girls In Boots On Christmas Eve

Fox Sports Wisconsin Girl Sage

Fox Sports Florida Girl Jordana