Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Michelle Merhar and Kristi Powers heat up Houston

Thanks to our anonymous commenter for the alert

Sherri Shepherd goes over the knee in black leather

MANY THANKS to smartcelt for all of the comments AND for alerting us to Sherri's booted day today!!

Sabrina Rodriguez Shows Us That Good Earthquake Preparation Includes Wearing Boots

Not very many good views but it's Sabrina Rodriguez and she is as cute as anyone, so we wanted to post this. 

I just wish that Annalee Penny had brought Sabrina boot-shopping with her before she left Fox 40.  Hopefully next season Sabrina will acquire some taller boots.

Facebook photos from Fox Houston

THANK YOU to our anonymous commenter for tipping us off to these photos of
NATALIE BOMKE and KRISTI POWERS of Fox 26 in Houston.

Marni Kuhlmann keeps boot season going in Edmonton

Thanks again to our anonymous commenter for this alert