Friday, October 18, 2013

Tall Black Suede For the Fox Sports Southwest Girls

Cyndi Edwards Wore Black Leather Knee High Boots To Welcome Jimmy Fallon To Daytime

Fox Sports Midwest Girls Teryn & Kayla Are Number One In St. Louis

TRUST ME. Karla Hult Is Wearing Black Leather Boots On KARE 11

was it to stick the graphics right there
and leave them up for the entire interview?
Seriously, if they want your TV screen to look like your computer screen, there would be a lot more booted women on TV...


Angelica Campos, Elisa Amigo 
and Jennifer Jordan
on Fox 8

Natalie Kane Is Back On The WCCO Boot Brigade

THANKS to the Mayor for the alert!

Alyson Courtney Is The Spirit Of Arkansas

Dao Vu's Suede Booted Thursday

THANK YOU Gyuro for this alert and pic!!


It's A Blonde Vs Brunette, Brown Leather Vs Black, Aristea Vs Amelia, WCCO Boot Battle!!

THANK YOU to the Mayor for the alert!

Two Different Pair In One Report

Unfortunately only one picture of each
but in this video Liz Collin can be seen wearing a pair of Brown Leather Riding Boots over jeans and a pair of Black Leather Knee Highs with a skirt and tights.