Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Natalie Kane DOES NOT NEED A Makeover

One Year Anniversary Of One Of My Favorite Posts

Linda Church, Lisa Mateo and Jill Nicolini are all Booted and 
are cat fighting and chair spinning and generally just carrying on.

Frances Rivera Uses Grey Suede To Get On The Blog

Frances joined the WPIX Morning News in August and wore these boots in September, but I missed it!!
Sorry Frances, but we'd like to give you a belated Welcome to the Blog!!


Tamsen Fadal's BOOT CLOSE-UPS !!!!

Tamsen Fadal Video Link (repaired)

Remember when Tamsen found our blog?

I think she wanted to be back on so she made sure the cameramen brought attention to her boots!!
You HAVE TO watch the video!!


Indy's Angela Ganote is black leather booted


Virginia Kerr Is Black Suede Booted

Lacey Lett Is Back On The Blog In Brown Leather

Who Likes Plaid Skirts And Black Leather Boots?

Here's a bonus pic of Stephanie Abrams sent by Gyuro, Thanks for sending!

Kelly Cass dresses for the weather

Thanks to Rich for the alert