Friday, April 12, 2013

The BIGGEST BENEFIT of an Extended Winter is Seeing Amelia Santaniello in OVER the KNEE BLACK LEATHER BOOTS

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 This is new WCCO Reporter Kate Raddatz.
How GREAT will it be when Kate joins the long list of 
WCCO ladies to be Booted on the Big Red Couch!!!!

Sangita Patel Pops Up on ET Canada in Black Leather Boots

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A Wonderful Wealth of New York City Newswomen in Boots (Originally Posted on April 15, 2012)

A lot of these pictures came from the NYC Newswomen blog.
Thank you for letting us use these.
Some of the others have been on this blog before.

Darlene Rodriguez
Lauren Scala

Lauren Scala and Tracie Strahan
Tracie Strahan

Frances Rivera

Lisa Mateo and Linda Church
Lisa Mateo
Monica Morales
Jill Nicolini
Tamsen Fadal and Jill Nicolini
Tamsen Fadal
Tamsen Fadal and Linda Church
 Linda Church and Tamsen Fadal
WPIX Halloween

Brittany Falkers Is Suede Booted In The Northland