Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jennifer Aniston in Boots

Short Sweater Dress, Nylons and Leather Boots?

That's Good. That's Real Good.

More Virginia is a good thing

Virginia Kerr is running in Boots

Meet Virginia

Virginia Kerr on Great Day St. Louis

You'll want to fast Forward until 2 minutes are left in this video

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We've missed you Sharon Wilbur. Welcome back.

Liz Bonis Black Leather Booted in the Queen City

Margaret Larson Brown Suede in Seattle

Kristen Van Dyke Black Suedes in New Mexico

Brown Mackie College:

Chicago Boot Battle Judy Hsu

Janet Davies Black Suede Booted in the Windy City

Judy Hsu and Linda Yu ABC Chicago Boot Babes

The Woman in Black

Cheap Chick Erin Schneider's all black outfit 
includes knee high leather boots

Michelle Linn is happy to be back in grey leather boots

Today Show 3 Way Black Leather Boot Battle

That's Denise Albert in the middle and Deborah Kogan on the right.